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How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Less than 19 cents a day

We ask for a minimum donation of $69 dollars a year, which works out at less than 19 cents a day, although many of our sponsors choose to give more. You can make your payment at once by check, OR by paypal


Can I choose the child I sponsor?

Yes, you can choose whether you will like to sponsor a girl or a boy, and their approximate age.

What will I receive?

You will receive a welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored child and information about them and their community. One of the unique things about sponsorship is the opportunity to exchange letters and photos with the child you are sponsoring (should you wish) and build a special connection. Every year we will send you an update on the child, report card from school along with a recent photo of your sponsored child.

How are my donations spent?

You will see first-hand through our newsletters, magazine and reports how your sponsorship donations help fund building classrooms, training assistant teachers, build water tanks to provide clean water for the schools and much more.