Primary & Secondary Education is available in Tanzania.  However, in order to attend school each pupil is required to have a school uniform and necessary books.

Because of the extreme poverty that families find themselves in, it is impossible for them to raise the necessary funds so their children can get the start in life if they are to get out of the poverty trap they are in.

That is where kids4school and you come in.  When you sponsor a child through kids4school you will be changing the life of that child in Jesus’ name!

Your support provides your child with

  •    Educational opportunities
  •    A start in life
  •    Most important of all, to see the gospel at work and hopefully to receive Christ, and grow in faith

Classroom Assistants

To help with the shortage of teachers in the schools we support, and the need to help students get through to secondary school by passing the standard seven national examination, kids4school has employed 10 classroom assistants.

These assistants serve in different schools and the head teachers testify of the great contribution, and positive impact they are making in those schools.

Success Story

We were blessed to be able to employ one young man who we had already sponsored through secondary school.  Now he is one of our classroom assistants helping other children prepare for secondary education.

Training our Teachers

We have provided training for these teachers by work & witness teams members who are teachers.  They have invested their time and effort in this important area.

By supporting the kids4school programme you are giving such a start and an opportunity for a future.

At kids4school 100% of all sponsorship goes to the projects.

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