There are many ways you can support the ministry:


Pray for the ministry, for the meetings we travel to and the work and witness Mission Teams teams as they travel to Africa. Pray for the outreach part of the ministry as we seek to present the gospel. Make kids4school a regular part of your private and church prayer time.


If you would like to partner with kids4school and financially support the ministry you can
  • send a cheque or postal order (made out to kids4school) to the office
  • donate online by PayPal – NOTE: please let the office know the details of your donation (as we are not notified)
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    As a volunteer you can help in many ways including hold a coffee morning for your friends take part in a sponsored event (check with office for details) many other ways … like


    Why not try and get us a meeting at your church or group? Or put us in touch with the contact person so we can share the exciting things that are happening in the ministry.
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    To support a child through kids4school is not expensive but it is an investment in the life of that child. Your sponsorship will enable a child to get an education and have food each day. Contact the office today or fill in a sponsor form and you will be sent details of your child. Sponsor a child and give them an opportunity for a future.
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    Please see our support forms directory, available for download
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    All of these real gifts help children and families in Tanzania overcome poverty and disaster. By helping in this way, you become a part of this great work.
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    Further Information and Questions answered on supporting kids4school.
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    Additional Support

    There are many schools in Tanzania that have little or no reading or writing material. Sometimes the only person with a book or writing material is the teacher.

    Kids4school is working with these schools to provide suitable textbooks, and with your help would like to provide individual ‘Scholar Packs’ for each child to help with their learning.

    • Writing Pad
    • Pack of Pencils and Biro Pens
    • Pack of Coloring Pencils, not felt tip
    • Geometry Set. i.e. ruler, protractor and square
    • Rubber and Pencil Sharpener
    • Small Calculator

    These items should cost no more than $8.00

    This personal gift to a child will become a treasured possession and a useful tool for their education.

    In the government schools in Tanzania where kids4school works, many of the children are without desks and have to sit on the floor.

    Part of the ministry and goal of kids4school is that every child should have a desk to sit at and books to work with.

    Schools are taking up the challenge and very generously are donating school desks to be shipped to Africa.

    Volunteers in Action

    Volunteers in action splitting the desks down so they are easier packed together to ship them in our container to Tanzania.