Housing Project

18 Houses completed

The kids4school Trustees decided to help our sponsor families by building some basic houses for them.  Previous to this they live in mud-block houses with mud and stick roof.  Not very water-tight at all and no security.

EIGHTEEN houses have been completed  and handed over to the families.  A big thank-you to our faithful supporters who have made this possible.

These houses are constructed with concrete blocks and a tin roof. The families have been given a certificate of ownership meaning they cannot be taken from them or sold. They are so excited and feel so thankful and blessed to have new water-tight and secure comfortable homes. Praise God for the faithfulness of kids4school supporters who have made this possible.

The door is secure and the windows have screen mesh, bars and shutters.  Glass is not an option on the outside windows because of the extreme heat but the design will help keep the inside cool during the hot summer weather.

This will be an on-going project and another 2 are being prepared.


In the former house the door did not lock so random cats use to get into the house, it was worse during the rain season, the roof was leaking so we had to stand on one side of the house until the rain stopped then we would cover the wet part with plastic bags and put a mattress from kids4school to sleep on. There were holes on the walls so mosquitoes and other insects could get in the house, the windows were very small, and there was no enough air in the house.

In the new house there is cemented floor, the roof does not leak, we have big windows that bring fresh air in, also the windows have a mosquito mesh so we are free from mosquitoes and Malaria. The door locks so there is no cat that can get in or any other insect.


In the former house, it was scary but we did not have another choice. It did not feel safe because the doors didn’t lock and we had holes on the walls for windows, anything could get in. Kids were beaten by scorpions several times especially during the rain season.

In the new house, it is like starting a new life, we feel safe, and there is fresh air, no more insects in the house. God bless you and we have nothing to repay you.