Water Tanks

Each day Tanzanian ladies and their daughters have to sometimes walk miles to collect water so that the family has something to drink more >>>>

Children coming to school bring with them containers filled with water to drink. The days at school are hot and dry. The water is wet, but certainly not clean because clean, safe drinking water is hard to find.

At least now at school kids4school has constructed rain water storage tanks. This water is wet and clean.

By installing special deep gutters to each side of the roof rain water can be channelled into specially constructed water storage tanks like the one shown here at Gawaye Primary School. kids4school is committed to helping children to have clean and safe drinking water

Children will no longer have to spend all day at school without water to drink, or perhaps worse drinking some they have brought with them which is polluted.

These water projects, to provide clean drinking water have been sponsored by individuals, schools and groups.